3 Important Things to Write Job Experience's Description

Thu Mar 10 2022 · 2 min read
3 Important Things to Write Job Experience's Description

There are several things to highlight your potential in a resume. One of them is by using your job experience's description. Here are 3 important things you need to know in writing your job experience's description:

1. Putting the most recent work experience at the top

The order of writing work experiences from the newest to the oldest can make it easier for recruiters to read the applicant's CV. In addition, recruiters can see how the skills and career development of the applicant. It is also important to put the clear information of your job experience such as job title, company name, city or state, the employment period/interval, etc. One of example is Digital Marketing, Edgewater LTD - Germany. August 2020 - January 2022

2. Quantifying your achievements

By quantifying your achievements like using number or statistic means the objectivity in your self assesment. In addition, it shows you are able to measure your impact in your previous companies. It also help you to highlight your potential to match with the job requirements.

3. Using Pointers

Using bullet points or pointers in showcasing your work achievements can make your job experience's description readable. The using of brief and quantifyable achievement description is very effective as a recruiter has a limited amount of time in filtering the incoming resumes. Thus, it may help them to know your potential.

If you need the example on how to build the suitable resume which highlight your potential, you can check resmume.com for resume example and various templates to enhance your CV.

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