3 Things to Enhance Your Resume

Wed Mar 09 2022 · 2 min read
3 Things to Enhance Your Resume

With so many resumes coming in, an applicant needs to make an HR able to see his/her potential through a resume. however, applicants are often confused about what to highlight on their resume. Here are some things you can do to enhance your resume:

1. Choosing right resume templates

Choosing a resume template that accommodates the required information such as detailed information, skills, work experience and job achievements of the applicant is very important. Most of HR team prefer the basic one as basic template will not make a headache for those who read or cover up information that should be highlighted.

2. Using PDF format

To keep the appearance of the CV you sent can be read in the same appearance by the recipient, the pdf format is the solution. This is because the pdf keeps the cv order even though the recipients don't have the same font style or even the same software. It is different if you use the ms word format, the display may differ between what you sent and recepient see.

3. Highlighting the related responsibilites and achievements

Focusing on three main responsibilities and three quantitative achievements can help you to highlight your potential. The use of pointer is also advised. In addition, the talent acquisition team do not have enough time to read long description.

By implementing three above things in your resume can increase your chance to get your dream job. If you want to enhance your resume without much effort, you can check resmume.com to get various basic professional templates and save your resume into a PDF file easily.

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