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3 Things Why You Should Not Include Your Photo in Your Resume

Photos are one of the less important components to put in a resume, although there are some appearance-oriented jobs such as models, secretaries, sales...

Thu Mar 10 2022 B7 2 min read

3 Important Things to Write Job Experience's Description

There are several things to highlight your potential in a resume. One of them is by using your job experience's description. Here are 3 important things...

Thu Mar 10 2022 B7 2 min read

3 Things to Check Before Submitting Your Resume

Submitting a resume can be a tense moment and often things are missed but it has already been delivered to the recruiter team.

Sun Mar 06 2022 B7 2 min read

3 Things to Enhance Your Resume

With so many resumes coming in, an applicant needs to make an HR able to see his/her potential through a resume. however, applicants are often confused...

Wed Mar 09 2022 B7 2 min read

3 Things You Should Never Put on Your CV

In writing a CV, there are some things that do not need to put on your resume. Three of them are information that is not needed by the talent acquisition...

Fri Mar 11 2022 B7 2 min read