3 Things to Check Before Submitting Your Resume

Sun Mar 06 2022

Submitting a resume can be a tense moment and often things are missed but it has already been delivered to the recruiter team. Please read these following things to check before submitting your cv:

1. Email Subject

The email subject needs to be checked whether it is in accordance with what was requested by the recruiter. There is usually a special format indicating what position and which location you want to apply. It is important to show that you comply the requirement and are thorough. Sometimes, the recruiters make a special filter in their email to certain email subject. Therefore, please recheck your subject email before sending your resume.

2. Short description in the email body

The most mistakes made by applicants in sending emails are not including a short description in the body of the email or only sending a resume in the attachment. In general, a short description is used as an introduction in sending a resume consisting of where you found the vacancy, your interest in applying and the short skills you master that match the job you are applying for.

3. Typo

Checking whether there is a typo is very important because recruiters often check the accuracy of the applicant from whether there is a typo or not. You can read your email and CV at least 2-3 times or you can also ask your friend to help you checking for typos.

By implementing the above tips, you may be able to send your resume confidently. If you need help to tailor your resume for a job application, you can check resmume.com.