3 Things Why You Should Not Include Your Photo in Your Resume

Thu Mar 10 2022

Photos are one of the less important components to put in a resume, although there are some appearance-oriented jobs such as models, secretaries, sales representatives and consultants that do require applicants’ photo. The following is 3 examples the reason why you should not need to include your photo in your CV.

1. Distract the recruiter’s focus from your experiences and skills

As a recruiter does only have less than 10 seconds to skim your CV, putting the photo can reduce their time to read and find your potential. In addition, not all of recruiters use unprofessional and/or informal photo. Instead of adding value to your chance to get the job, it may do otherwise.

2. Increase the chance to get dicrimination

By putting your image on a resume, the photo shows the applicants’ ethnicity, religion, age range, gender, physical characteristics and so on. Those informations are not necessary to the job requirements. In addition, they can lead to unconscious bias and discrimination.

3. Reduce space for more important information

It is advised to make a CV with a maximum limit of 2 pages and recommended only 1 page. Therefore, the CV must be filled with important points effectively and efficiently. If you add a photo, it may reduce the space.