3 Things You Should Never Put on Your CV

Fri Mar 11 2022

In writing a CV, there are some things that do not need to put on your resume. Three of them are information that is not needed by the talent acquisition team in selecting CV files:

1. Photograph

Passport photos are not required in the CV for most jobs except for areas that prioritize applicant’s appearance such as consultants, models, receptionists and sales representatives. In addition, many applicants do not know proper photos that can be included in their CV. Instead of helping to achieve the dream career, it reduces the value of the applicants themselves.

2. Gender

In the status quo, gender does not affect the talent acquisition team's decision to hire an applicant. Moreover, almost all fields require either a woman or man in the job. In fact, usually the talent acquisition team can already know from the name of the applicant. So there is no need to mention gender unless there is a requirement to add it in the resume.

3. Religious Belief

Religion is one of irrelevant information you should not put on your resume. Religion is a personal thing and not related to work. Often including this in your CV can actually make you a subject for discrimination because there is a tendency for a talent acquisition to dislike / prefer certain religions. Thus, it can hinder you to get your dream job.

Therefore, you should avoid to put three above things in your resume and try to focus on showing off your skills and achievements. If you want to update your CV, you may check resmume.com to enhance your resume in a simple, free and quick way.